Enhancing the Safety of Dentists, Dental Staff, & Patients

Renovating Your Dental Office to Meet COVID-19 Safety Guidelines Across the Greater Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville & Nearby Areas

As we move into a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses face uncertainty about how to reopen physical locations safely for the sake of their employees and clients alike. Given the nature of dental care and the increased contact with saliva and droplets, the risks of COVID-19 transmission within a dental practice cannot be overstated. However, dental practices in the Greater Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville areas need not navigate the risks and uncertainty of this situation alone — Ferretti Renovations is here to help.

Guidelines to Reopening Your Dental Practice

In order to effectively address the risks within your dental practice, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, in partnership with the Government of Ontario and other regulatory bodies, has published a list of guidelines to assist dental practices to reopen safely.

Some key points include:

  • Limiting points of entry into the office by designating a single entrance door
  • Shock water lines if returning to the office after a long absence
  • Clearing waiting areas of commonly touched items (like magazines, toys, etc.)
  • Posting signage clearly outlining the expectations of patients as they enter your practice
  • Creating physical barriers at key locations within your office (i.e. at reception, between dental chairs if located in an open plan office, etc.)
  • Provide personal sanitation products at office entry points along with lined waste receptacles to collect used sanitization products
  • Provide lined storage for staff to stow street clothes and office scrubs separately to prevent surface contamination within the office

Installing Safety Barriers, Walls, & More with Ferretti Renovations

When looking to reopen your dental practice, trust the renovation experts at Ferretti Renovations to help you stay safe. During an initial consultation, we’ll work with you to identify semi-permanent and permanent solutions to meet provincial guidelines. Some of our solutions include the installation of:

  • Custom safety barriers,
  • Fixed sanitization units or stations,
  • Additional hand washing stations,
  • Partial walls or partitions,
  • Additional, safe storage for employees,
  • And more

For more information about our dental clinic renovation or installation services across the Greater Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and nearby areas, contact Ferretti Renovations today for a free consultation.

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